What is Carbon Footprint Italy? Watch the video.

Carbon Footprint Italy

The Italian Programme Operator of Carbon Management

A complete programme to communicate the quantification and reduction
of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions of products and organisations


All products and organizations registered in Carbon Footprint Italy report values ​​of GHG emissions, or their reduction, verified by independent verification bodies accredited by Accredia.


Each type of carbon footprint (product, organization, or Carbon Reduction) is supported by a special data sheet that summarises the various essential information that characterizes it.


Four versions of the Carbon Footprint Italy labels are available, to quantify GHG emissions of products and organizations, or their reductions as a result of specific mitigation actions.


Carbon Footprint Italy exclusively provides for the use of internationally recognized standards for the quantification of GHG emissions, or their reduction.

Maintenance issue

The blockchain platform of Carbon Footprint Italy is temporarily unavailable due to a technical problem caused by our provider. We hope to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Do you want to buy internationally recognized carbon credits?

The Registro Crediti di Carbonio – RCC (Registry for Carbon Credits) is the first national platform that provides access to the market of carbon credits generated within an accredited third-party verification system. Trough the registry, every organisation can autonomously offset their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, by purchasing internationally recognized credits directly from who develops the projects, without any intermediation.

Latest News

A new PCR has been published

The PCR “Machinery for professional cleaning services”, developed within the framework of Carbon Footprint Italy, has been published on May 5th, 2022.


The document outlines the requirements and guidelines to be followed during the realization of a CarbonFootprint of Product (CFP) study for machinery for professional cleaning services, in accordance with the international reference standard ISO 14067.


The PCR, developed with the technical collaboration of EPDItaly, can be openly used by each CFP or EPD Programme Operator, if the original source of the know-how is mentioned.


We also thank Comac Spa and Fimap SpA for their contribution and the experience of the CFP studies they conducted, as well as the expertise provided by Afidamp, Associazione imprese italiane della filiera della pulizia professionale.

Opening of the public consultation of five new PCRs developed within CFI

The open public consultation for the following PCRs, developed within the framework of the Italian Programme Operator Carbon Footprint Italy, opens today:


– “Valves: Multifunctional controls for Gas Burning Appliance”

– “Printed Circuit Board Assembly”

– “Fans for Air and Air/Gas Mixture Management”

– “Paints, Varnishes and Coatings”.

– “Energy Storage Systems for Industrial and Stationary Applications”.


The documents outline the requirements and guidelines to be followed during the realisation of a Carbon Footprint of the specific products defined by each PCR, in accordance with the international reference standard ISO 14067.


The draft documents can be downloaded at this page.


Until January 23rd, 2022, it is possible to provide comments and proposals for improvements to the documents by filling in the designated template available on the same webpage. The template shall be sent via email to the PCR Moderator or the CFI Secretariat (info@carbonfootprintitaly.it).